Math Tools in Promethean's ActivInspire

Presenter: Missy Duckwitz, Promethean

Blogged by: Denise Galio, Chichester

Math Tools Areas of Focus

Covered in this presentation:
  • Switch your tool bar profile
  • Shape tool
  • Add to your resources
  • User defined buttons
  • Look at some examples.

Switching your tool bar profile
  • On the top right of the main toolbar, click on the icon that looks like a business card. This is the PROFILE icon.
  • There is a MATH profile there. If you click on it, standard math tools will be added to the main toolbar.
  • You can still customize this by adding more tools to the toolbar (Main menu -> File -> Settings -> Commands). You can also go to (Main menu -> tools)
  • To add colors to your tool bar, go to Main Menu -> Layout. Use the drop down menu to change from 8 colors up to 24 colors.
  • To change the default tool that appears when you open a flipchart, go to Main Menu -> Settings. Use the drop down menu to choose a tool to use as your default tool.

Any time that you use a math tool, different icons will appear as a cursor that allow for functionality, such as free-moving, rotation, drawing, annotation, etc.

To remove math tools from the screen, you can simply freely drag them to the flipchart icon.

Shape creator tool
  • This is already on your toolbar. It is a red and orange colored dual-shape icon.
  • This will bring up a sidebar of different shapes.
  • You can customize fill color and outline color.
  • Choose a shape, click and drag. The size and proportion of the chosen shape will be dictated by the extent of the click and drag.
  • You can also manipulate a shape by double clicking on a shape and click on the EDIT SHAPE POINTS icon on the right. Many points will appear. You can manipulate the shape by clicking and dragging any one of these points.

Adding to your resources
    • Go to
    • Go to Resources tabs
    • Select Resource Packs
    • Choose mathematics
    • From here, you find backgrounds, grids, images, teacher notes, actvities and even downloads flipcharts that other teachers have created.
    • There are less resources in Inspire than there were in ActivStudio. Go to Promethean Planet to add to the resources in your specific content area.
    • Find the resource pack you want. Click on DOWNLOAD RESOURCE PACK and choose the place to which you want the resources saved. The best place is a network directory or some other place rather than the computer's hard drive. This will save the resource in the event that the computer crashes.
    • You can then save to MY RESOURCES or to SHARED RESOURCES.
    • To retrieve, go to View -> Browsers. The single silhouette is the icon for MY RESOURCES. The 3-headed silhouette is for SHARED RESOURCES. Make sure that you know the location to where you downloaded the resource pack.
    • If the resource pack is not there, close out of ActivInspire and open the software again. The resource pack will then appear (small glitch).
    • To use the resources, choose the image, background, etc that you want and DRAG it onto your flipchart page.

Adding USER DEFINED BUTTONS to your toolbar
  • On the main menu, use the 3rd column on the far right for user defined buttons.
  • The icon will look like a single silhouette with a pen. Click on that.
  • That will open a menu that allows you to browse for applications or files that can become a user defined button.