Bring Back Your Students

Ken Rodoff, CFF Coach Springfield Twp. (Montgomery County)

About the troubles with student presentations / focus on 'power point' and the shift our school took to 'ban' elements of PowerPoint to transform student presentations. Along the way, an overview of the resources we use.

Here's a useful link.

Students have limited opportunities to practice more formal communication.
Share a quality of a good/bad preso with a partner.
  • -less text, more images with purpose/relevance
  • -too many presos not relevant
  • -good one leaves you wanting to know more - interest generated

RAFT - See task above
  • What is the purpose/message?
  • Look at design - color
  • Bullets - text - why listen if it is written there
  • Slides are cheap - free - use lots of them.....
  • If presos are bad, look at how you presented this project assignment - did you model? - etc.
  • Ban templates/backgrounds/bullets
  • Ban all layouts except plain white layout
  • Ban Word Art!
  • Use strong images:
    • (click browse full catalog - bottom left corner)
      • can customize text on the images
      • discuss strong images, making good decisions, and appropriateness of text, etc.
      • discuss licensing types, why use this vs. Google, discuss terminology of attribution, citation
      • do not search with nouns for images - use adjectives
      • if photo is meant for sharing, once you get to the photo page, look for the mag glass and size options above the photo - you will see download link (if that is not there, it is not meant to be downloaded) Give instructions to save them
With a partner find one strong image for use in the RAFT above

Teachers should assign a presentation, not a PowerPoint - watch language on assignments
How much time do you give students to practice their presos? Presos need to be taught - guidance is needed.
While they are working, teacher must be circulating to prevent bad ppt design.
Write a ppt preso - and then have them write a rationale for each slide - why chose the image, etc.

Key question: What is the message??
What are the takeaways from your preso? What do you want people to get out of your preso. What do you want them to remember?
May have to fake enthusiasm when present - act a bit while presenting.