BBC History Online: Five Strategies for your Classroom

Collin Hannan, Marple Newtown CFF Social Studies Teacher

Michael Karpyn, Marple Newtown CFF Coach

Integration of software/tool
Beginner Level

Collin Hannan - 6 years with Marple Newtown

Go to Google --> BBC history to find the site easily
Site is British, so the bias is a bit different than on US sites

A to Z Index
Audio and video content, somewhat limited but still useful
Biography section
History for Kids - great for lower-level readers
Archeological digs
Trace your family history
History Trails - based on British history

5 Strategies
1. A Hunt for Vikings

Scavenger hunt, aimed at lower-level readers
Can be created with any of the History for Kids sections (not just Vikings)
Timeline creator

2. The Product of Actions
Uses the games in the interactive content section
Teaches cause and effect through the use of fun interactive simulation-style games
Game = Viking Quest
Other games: Death in Rome, Gladiators, Waterloo, Cotton Millionaire

3. Symbols of a Figure
Uses Historic Figures resource and PPT to create a collage of a figure
Read the figure's bio on the BBC site, select 6 images that represent the figure, plus an image of the person
PPT template has a column for the images, plus a column for writing the reason each image was selected (what does it represent about that person)

4. Dig a Trench for Life
Shows scenes from All Quiet on the Western Front
Tie it into math regarding dimensions of trenches, how long it would take to dig a trench, etc.
After the math, look at what trench life was like on the BBC's WWI page --> trench virtual tour (360 degree view of life in a trench)
Then write a journal entry about trench life

5. The Holocaust Jigsaw
Independent assignment during a unit on WWII, uses articles from the BBC's WWII --> Genocide section
Pairs of students read and analyze an article and then report out to the class

Audience Suggestions
WWi --> audio galleries of poetry
Idea to have students listen to WWI audio files, then create one related to WWII